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When I was at automotive start up, it was so challenging to create a good copy or what-so-called ux writing inside the app and website specificaly for motorcycle irders.. Back then, there is two type of users that use the platform is Bikers (motorcycle enthusiast) and Motorcycle buyers.

My responsibilities are to craft some copy to help our users have good experiences when use the products and meet the stakeholders goals.


  1. Increasing the number of user stay in the app and web
  2. Increasing the number of motor sales

What usually I do before creating an ux writing? Like designing a product, the first thing what need to know is who is the target? What kind of users will read my message? So, I make an user persona for example:

Bikers (Motorcycle Enthusiast)

Wisnu is a motorcycle enthusiast. He has been a motorcycle enthusiast since senior high school. He knows a lot of motorcycle. He loves to watch moto gp. Every Sunday he joins activity in motorcycle community.

Motorcycle Buyers

Anita is a worker in Jakarta, she needs a motorcycle to support her mobility from one place to another place easily. She wants to buy a motorcycle with easy and convenient, without take a lot of effort because she is busy.

Clear and Concise

Don’t make your user think longer when they are see your copy or message in your products. This rule I always applied when I’m crafting every message. I always make sure that sentences I made is clear and concise, so the users get the point immediately whenever they see the messages we made. 

Casual and Local Language

When I was at Moladin. I use a casual instead of formal style that aligned with users. I use daily language and sometimes common slang for some expressions. I was avoiding to use English because not suitable for Moladin users at that time. Instead use English, we use local and lingo phrases at some part of copy. Use local language to get close with the users.

Here is some of my works, thanks to the designer who always makes a cool design! Please zoom to see copy in details!



Before We Leave.. Here’s Some Tips


Understand Your Users Better

Understand your users better before make a copy so you know what kind of message can deliver to them. Long time ago, I going to the field to know about bikers life and motorcycle showroom works. I joined motorcycle community to get closer with bikers, what are the like? what are motorcycls trends? their habit, their hobbies and many more. I get a lot of insight by doing research about the users, after get some data, it is easier for me to craft right words and messages to put in the app and website.

Doing Testing

Don’t skip testing even tho it is just some writings. Like a design, some writings also need to be test to know your users understand enough with your copy. 

That’s all form me.. See you on next articles!

image: private collection and moladin.com, featured image: Image by  Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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