Client Name: Breeze

Platform: Application and Website Dashboard


Breeze App is an app to help cashier to manage daily income and outcome report, how many sales achieved, managing customer data, and managing products sold.  Breeze app not only have function as a POS app, but mor that that.

This project was planned and executed by:

  1. Nurdea Purnamasari: UX Writer
  2. Aryo Pamungkas: UI Designer


Project Goals

Improve UX flow to help user use the app easier and improve UI Design with minimalism and modern touch.

Revamption Time: 2 months


Revamp UI/UX Design Process 

Research and Planning: Week 1

Revamp Design App: Week 2 – Week 3

Create and Adding Illustrations: Week 4

UX Writing App: Week 5

Revamp Design Web: Week 6-7

UX Writing Web: Week 8


User Persona

Food photo created by pch.vector –

From our client, we got some information about the user persona of Breeze Apps.

  1. Gender: Male and Female
  2. Occupation: cashier, store owner
  3. Age: 20-40 years old
  4. Characteristic:
  • Will spend a whole day to use the app in order to serve customers whenever they ask for the bills
  • Creating sales reporting
  • Managing the inventory
  • Supervising the revenue and cost

Revamp Planning

After we got some information about the users persona and the client goals. We created a plan to bridging between client goals and what users actually need when use the app.

Design consistency

breeze app styling

Brand Identity

  • Language: We decided to change all language in English for the UX writing part (as order from client). Previously, Breeze using Bahasa in their app.
  • Brand tone and voice: Based on the user persona. We decided to use casual language in the app
  • Breeze mascot: Previously Breeze didn’t have mascot or  special character inside the app, This mascot purpose is to connect with users more friendly and lively, so we decide to illustrate a characters based on user persona and our little research

The Mascot

Use this method, we implemented all the factors into design and UX writing too.

Final Results Breeze App from Our Revamption

So, this is the final results, you can see before and after of the app.




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