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Today I will write a bit different from my previous article, I want to share my experiences a.k.a curcol in Indonesian haha… I want to share about my experiences working in startup Indonesia.

Like you know.. Startup are growing faster nowadays, especially in startup  Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries. Every week I read the news, at least there is one new startup born to the world. They have their own uniqueness, I found startups focusing on agriculture, marine, fintech, and many more! I am so excited whenever new start up comin in! I hope someday can build my own startup too 😀

Many young generations dreamed to work at start up. Fresh grads till seniors are interested to join in and starting to build something from small. Working in start up is fun and challenging at the same time. And the important point is some start up willing to pay higher and offering equity to catch the expert/senior level attention or right candidates to help start up grow. Wow… amount of money always interesting and hard to refused, right? Let’s be honest here… looool

But is it really fun to work at start up? As long as my experiences, it can be fun sometimes or not, depending your perspective and… passion. Why? See the details below wkwk

When you decided to work at start up, here’s the things you must consider.

Get Ready for Every Situation

work startup

I will start from the not good things to share about working in the start up. First time you need to consider is you must get ready for every situation. I teel you.. E-V-E-R-Y SITUATION.

I had experience when I was working at startup in Jakarta, we started from small. I still remember at the early stage, only have 7 members inside lol… Very small team and got many lacking in every functional part. So, if you face same reality like mine, you don’t need to be shocked with that situation, because it’s normal from start up to start with small team. This is my choice, so I need to be ready whatever the situation is. You must can do any thing at any time when your founders need your expertise and help, because the team format still not complete yet. 

Unconditional… Love

Be ready that you will feel the emotion like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes you hate your work in the startup because the tasks is sooooo many, but sometimes you will love your job and willing to do more without the founders asked you. I love working in the start up unconditionally ❤️

Learn from the Founders Directly

If you love challenges and eager to always learn something new, so start up will be fit for you I guess. From my experiences, that I can reach the founder easier than when I worked for the corporate one, that I cannot see directly the owner or management level and many protocol, if you break the protocol you will be punished wkwk..

So, I took the chances to learn and get more knowledge from the founders. We used to iterate, discuss, ideation together. Fortunately, I always got the nice founders, the  open minded one can help you grow not only as a worker, also grow as a person. They are willing to share information they have, so I quite often and courage myself to ask anything. They can be your friend or not, depends on your attitude, and how to speak with them. So, important to always keep your good attitude, even tho the founders are nice person, but they are human too….

Grow Together As Family

I told you that I was working at the start up with 7 members in the beginning. But, with time flies… company growing bigger and got more employees in the short time. From 7 members to 100 employees within a year! Wow… I never imagined it before, but actually it was happened! I’m so happy that watched the company grow bigger and got more funding. The happy part is we grew as a family, we close each other and laugh together. Believe me, when you feel this kind of experience you never feel that you are working for the founder, but you are working with the founder and their employees.. So happy :”)

Casual Style! Yeah…

Yes! this is most favourite part for working in start up. We can express our fashion style and wear whatever we want (of course still follow norm and ethics). What I exactly meant is you can wearing casual fashion like t-shirt, short pants, colorful dress, jeans, etc. Wearing any theme of make up, glamour, natural, bold, chic, anything you like and becoming more beautiful version of yourself hehe… 

Instagramable Working Place

startup place

Everyone must agree with me that working place in start up have fun environment with modern and minimalist theme. In Jakarta, a lot of start up rent a workings space as temporary office. And you know, each coworking have their own uniqueness and mostly instagramable placeee… So, you will look edgy and more confident to take a picture while you’re working and making story for your instagram account and tell to the world how fancy your office are. Whooop whooop 😀

Unicorn and Decacorn startup in Indonesia also have lovable place to work in. You will be amazed with the indoor decoration and smart technology inside it. You must visit if you have the opportunity.

I hope my sharing experience can enlighten you guys especially young generation lol….


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  • Good point De. I personally having same experience as you. I definitely will create a feedback post.

  • I enjoy reading the article. Working in a startup is very dynamic indeed. That can be an advantage and a challenge as well. Thank you for writing this ☺️

    • Wow thank you kak Almazia for visiting my blog.. Yes you’re right! Working in a start up is sooo challenging but fun in the same time.. 😀

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