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Shifting a career can be difficult but challenging at the same time, especially when you don’t have any colleagues or seniors in your company to guide you on how and what is the best practice to do it. In my case, when I move career path from digital marketing to the product team, especially as a product manager, I just learn the basics from free resources book and the internet. But somehow, it made me don’t have a clear vision about how to be a good product manager only from reading a lot of theories and guidance from Youtube haha :p

When I felt that I am stuck, I tried another method to learn from a course, like Coursera and Udemy. Learning from those platforms help me to give me the knowledge and clear picture about what product management is and what the product manager is responsible for. With basic knowledge combined with my work experience, I can implement it in real work to get a better outcome, along the way I still learn a lot as a product manager.

One day, I heard about a platform named ADPList, where we can talk with a lot of expertise from any background in the world. Wow, that is so exciting for me, especially I want to know how product teams work outside Indonesia. I was curious, I decided to register on the platform.

Talk with the Expert with 1on1 session!

In ADPList, you can see a lot of expertise join from many backgrounds. You can choose your mentor based on your interest. Once you found a suitable mentor, you can make an appointment with them by seeing their schedule. If their schedule is available and matches your time, then you can book their calendar.

Since I registered, I ever talked with 2 amazing people as my mentor. First is Anton Chandra, he is a Design Ops from Gojek Indonesia, and Wendy Hsu, who is a product manager from Phiar Technologies.

We talking via video call provided by the ADPList platform, so the user won’t get outside the platform while doing a 1on1 session.

My experience when talking with the expert was so fun! I got a lot of information about how a product manager works in another company. An insight that I got from Anton Chandra is about collaboration between product designer and product manager, if your product team is big enough like Gojek, there will be many positions named in a product team. Actually, I and Anton already know each other because he is my mentor in one offline course in Jakarta, so the discussion was not only about products also other things, such as career path, and many more. So glad talked with Anton 😀

My second mentor is Wendy Hsu! She is so cool because finally, I found another woman product manager. She is from Phiar Technologies, USA. Wendy gives a lot of insight into her experiences as a product manager, she is so humble and willing to answer all my questions deeply about what is the responsibility as a product manager out there. I also have a long conversation with her and dug dive topics about product management. Not only sharing her tips and insights, but Wendy also gives me some interesting articles to dig more about the product manager role. We become connection on Linkedin too 🙂


For you who just shifting career, don’t be afraid to find mentor who can help to boost your confidence and skill. When you find one, don’t be hard core to ask directly for mentorship, because they don’t really know who you are ((stranger)). Tips I can give you is that you can follow them on social media, follow their post, and carefully introduce yourself and ask some tips from them. If you like me who want to interact directly with the expert and talk casually, I suggest you to go to ADPList (not endorse by them btw haha…)

Thanks for reading my experience with ADPList, I hope it will help you to become better person at your work and your life. 

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See ya!


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