As a product managers, we need to always communicate to many stakeholders in our daily basis. Especially in current condition, when we spent our time mostly working online from home and cannot meet face to face with our colleagues,then we need a tools to communicate better to deliver our thinking and values.

There is a lot tools out there that can helps product managers, but the latest one and many pm’s talk about it recently is FigJam. What is it?

FigJam is Fun, bruh!

I heard a lot that Figma is new tools that helps a lot product designer because there is many coolz feature inside it and even beginners can understand easily when using figma for the first time. But for me, for product managers who not into design, I am not a fan of figma tho 😀

But… when come into FigJam from Figma.. Wah.. I adore it immediately as soon as I use it. Really! 

I used a similar tools like FigJam for writing some ideas, brainstorming, and more.. but FigJam for me is more friendly. I think because their interfaces is sooo easy to understand and fun. Yes, FUN. Why? When you use Figjam from Figma, you can find some helpful and cute features to visualize your ideas more fun. I will share my experience using Figjam for my works.. here we go!

A simple but powerfull features 

What most fascinating on Figjam from Figma is their usability they put in the center of the screen. So, they put the main features in the center. For me as a users, that is easier way to reach main tools in this wide white board. Most importantly, the visuals is eye catching! (of course because it is figma tho haha…)

figjam tools

  • Marker

Time to show off your creativity with marker, you can show your handwriting on Figjam if you are confidence haha… Personally, I like marker to write my idea using my personal handwriting using this marker. It is fun experience, feels like you really write on real white board. You can change color of the marker too! This is mine haha.. sorry if too bad 😀

  • Ellipse

Are you the one of product managers that always share the ideas using flow chart? Yes me too! So this ellipse tool can helps you a lot to create flow chart or user flow.  Simply click the ellipse, and put it on white board. You can also choose other shape like square, triangle, without need to move to other menu.

Not only that, even when you in the middle of crafting the flow chart, you can easily change the shape and add connector immediately.

  • Sticky note

Creating sticky notes to make affinity diagram! I love the details inside sticky notes, they have my name. So, we will know who made that sticky notes and put it inside white board. Cool!

  • Text

Add text on your figjam using this tools, you can change the font size, font style, till font color!

  • Connector

Add connector between two sticky notes, between shapes, or between images 

  • Libraries

This one is another cool features from FigJam! You can add libraries to your figjam file and make your ideas visually more interesting. I use libraries mostly to add more vectors into my Figjam. Tons of libraries from other creators you can find inside this feature.

  • Stamp

Stamp is like.. add emoji or stickers at your sticky notes 😀

This one I usually use when I agree on one or some ideaas, I will add love or stars to someone sticky notes. So playful and cute tho~~

  • Place image

Say no more, this features can let you insert image seamlessly.


Easy to collaborate

Product manager now can easily collaborate with other teams! Disscuss with devs, designers, and other stakeholders is easy just share the documents link to them and let them look through your files. As a owner, you can see who are open your file or give comments inside the files! Wohooo~ 

figjam collaboration
source: figma blog

Cursor chat, hi five, stamp, emote!

More interesting part from Figjam is their new features that allows you to communicate more FUN with your team. Personally, I like this idea, they encourage user to express the idea in a lot of ways. They have cursor chat, hi five, stamp, and emote! You can find this feature at top right beside comments icon.

figjam from figma

Cursor chat lets you say something on your cursor while collaborating with other teams inside figjam file. Simply type “/” from your keyboard or click cursor chat from the menu. Then type something what you want to say.


I satisfied with FigJam, it helps my work faster so far. And only need one account registered on Figma, you can get both access using Figma and Figjam. One tools for product team, save money 😀

Because it is still new, I think can do a lot of improvements. Maybe like.. insert figma file into figjam. Oh yea, I just knew that can import spreadsheet and export sticky notes to CSV files too! I haven’t tried that but I will try for sure.

Yeah so far so good, any one have thoughts for Figjam? Please share!

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