We know exactly that becoming a customer service is not easy, some of them may be facing a struggle to handle too many customers, and becoming dizzy all the time to hear many complains from customers every day.

An excellent customer services will have good impact to the business. The way they take care our customers with good attitude, always being polite, and their friendly side make the customers stay longer and royal to keep using our products. But, with no right tools, customer services become a nightmare! A customer service will overwhelmed and they cannot handle customers with right anymore! How about we treat them to get more comfortable while doing their job? Giving them extra incentive will be good.. It is your job to make them happy hehe.. But also your job, to find the right tools to make customer service works easier than ever. How?

As a Product Manager at Botika Teknologi Indonesia, I responsible to build Omnichannel product, we called it Omnichannel Botika. Omnichannel helps any customer services works easier with only one platform. It ia good to be true, right? Haha.. But it is real… Ladies and gentlemen..

How Omnichannel Helps Customer Services?

Ticketing Status for Each Staging

Make it simple. Omnichannel makes customer services tasks more simple and efficient. We were thinking how to solve any struggleness when CS working in their daily life? 

Our Omnichannel can integrating with many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Kakao Talk, and many more.. Even we can connect with Email account! So you do not need to open many tabs inside the browser only to reply all those complaints. But is it really solve the problems? Then, I started some research to improve the experience.

Because Omnichannel basis is using ticketing system, first thing in my mind how agent notices every time a new messages coming to one CS, I came up with the idea to give every ticket staging a status. We simplified and split them into three status “New”, ” Open”, and “Solved”. And I adopted our habits who always open and reply chats by clicking one of the contact and typing text in large box. It is effective! Many of our clients said that easier to handle all chats, email, andalso comments using our platform.

Color Pop Notification Helps CS Notices New Message Faster

Next improvement that we had in this Omnichannel that the notification. Who doesn’t love when seeing notification? Almost everyday in our life we always look at notifications inside our smartphone. Me too! Especially notifications about payment transfer… hehe..

From the observations, I follow that human daily habit who always depending on notification things, and implementing it to the main feature. That’s why when you see Omnichannel Botika, you will see the notification as an indicator how many contacts haven’t replied by the agent or the unread messages. I use red color, to make it obvious for the users.

omnichannel notification


Chatbot + Omnichannel is Super Combo!

Combination between chatbot and omnichannel is super combo because you can handling your customers for 24 hours non stop! I bet that your customers not only active in a day, also during the night they are trying to connect with you and ask some questions.

source: http://www.coolthings.com/musio-robot

Chatbot is useful to answer a repetitive question and take over the place when your agent is offline especially after working hours. Chatbot can answer a lot questions as long as it has the content, not only answering questions, they also can give product suggestion, list of menu, and offering you a mini games to kill the time. Seriously.. I am not kidding, we train our chatbot become an idol too lol…

When your customers don’t satisfied enough with the answer from the chatbot, they can still talk to the real customer services in order to help them. Cool right? Here is the example….

Whenever your customers choose Live Agent/Live Customer Service in the carousel menu, their request will immediately showing on customer service dashboard, when the CS new incoming messages they can reply ASAP!

Unified Ticketing Management System

Main point in the omnichannel products is ticketing management system and this is one part that I love the most! And this feature is important for the agent too. Agent can gives additional attributes related to the customers and ticketing itself, such as notes, tagging, assignee, status, priority, even history of conversations! We made this friendly enough so everyone can use this ticketing system with no complicated stuff, because our life are complicated enough… We don’t want to give you more troubles by giving bad experience.. Lol!

So, that’s it the summary from Omnichannel products which can helps Customer Service works faster and happier. Me and my teams continuing to improve this products, so can fit for every business model and for everyone globally..

If you want to know more about the complete features inside the platform, go visit this link and make sure you register yourself to start the new way to serve your customers better. 

See ya on the next post!


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