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Hello gals.. How’s your quarantine day? Starting to get bored, is it? Me too.. But we must fight and keep strong, because many people died everyday out there because this coronavirus. Hopefully, this pandemic situation will gone soon. Amiin..

By the way, cz today is the first of May and also my favourite month of the year (cz I born this month hahaha) and also still doing some work from home, I’m deciding to write about my adventure in South Korea last November. Here, I wanna share to you some tips about my backpacker Korea how to get cheap flight tickets, travel rundown, and how many costs I’ve spent.

Cheap Flight Tickets

First thing, when I decided to travel to Korea, I was trying to find flight ticket and doing some surveys at some online ticket platforms and offline travel event, even tho that time I have no Korean visa yet, but my friend told me as long as I have stable financial, Korean visa will be easy to get. After few weeks I was searching for Korean flight tickets, on March 2019 I got best deal! I paid only 5,7 mio for round trip tickets using Singapore Airlines! Including 2 times meal in the plane and free 30kg baggage. Wohhooo! I got this cheap flight tickets from

I was happy back then. But, this flight was not direct flight. I must transit at Changi Airport Singapore for 8 hours! Haha crazy.. But it is okay cz Changi is the best airport for transit. I tell you!


After got the tickets, continue to apply for Korean visa. But, when you want to apply this visa, you only able to apply 3 months before your flight schedule. I bought ticket on March 2019, and my schedule to Korea is November in Autumn, then I cannot asking to apply on March, I allowed to apply on September or October. This is the rule from Korean government. I give you suggestion, if you are busy like me, must go to office every Mon to Fri, the fastest way is use Travel Company services to apply a visa. They will help to guide you to complete some important documents such as KTP, KK, recommendation letter from your company, slip gaji, photo 3×4, copy of your balance account for 3 months.

They will tell you if some documents need to be fixed or not. So, the chance to get visa approval higher! Also Korean goverment have some list of trusted Travel partner to apply a visa. I was using Dwidaya Tour and Travel back then, and I spent a cost about 910k to use their services (excluding costs for taking photos and copy a document). Approximately, you will get you visa for 7-14 days work.


I warn you that you need to bring BIG LUGGAGE because a lot of cute things, ramyeon, snacks, and skin care must buy! Hahaha… I brought about 30 inch luggage.

Costs for One Week in Korea

I spent about one week in Seoul, Jeonju, Nanjaeng-san, Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, and many places (will tell you on part 2), the money I spent is about 7 mio for one week (including transportation, eat, buy some snacks, buy a few clothes and skin care, excluding homestay and hanok homestay). I followed Korea Reomit tips, that costs in Korea follow your daily costs in life but multiple around ten times or more.

My calculation is because Korean price is about 10x more expensive than Jakarta, so my daily life also multiple ten. Let say, I spent my money is IDR 100k per day in Jakarta, so I must preparing money for one day in Korean is IDR 100k x 10 = 1 mio for one day in Korea. Seriously! You know, other countries as not as cheap like ours. So, you must calculate your financial carefully. I tell you, you must saving from now on if you really want go there! Next, post will be about my trip in Korea. Stay tune gals!

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