Hey guys… Do you watch an on going Korean Drama titled “Start Up”? Currently, I’m watching this drama and I am so in love with the story because related with my current job and Nam Joo Hyuk so handsome omaygawttt 😮

Start up drama has a setting in Spring season, meanwhile I wanna tell you a story about my journey at Sout Korea in Autumn season! Hahaha… but before you start to read more about this article, I suggest you to read the first part of my journey, Backpacker Korea Part 1.

Line Store Hongdae
Line Store Hongdae

In this second part, I will share more about my trip my adventure. in every destination, and be careful your eyes! BECAUSE I will upload more picture from my gallery about how beautiful Autumn for me. I hope you can feel the joy like me. If you interested more about flights, visa, and living cost you can read part 1.

ALERT! Read this article till the end, I will give you a bonus about the cost… See make sure you read it till the end ya… hahaha

Homestay in Hongdae

Me and my 2 friends decided to choose a homestay through Airbnb. Not only get cheaper price, also you can contact the host if you need any further help. Not only in Hongdae, we booked a traditional hanok homestay to stay at Jeonju.

By the way why we chose to stay in Hongdae rather than Myeongdong or Itaewon? Becauseee… in Hongdae you can stay a bit late till midnight because still have some store open till late. Also, you can find a lot of stores like Marhen J, skin care shop, and food street too. If you stay in Myeongdong, I heard the night life only till 8 PM? (correct me if I’m wrong)

And the special things from Hongdae, you can find any dance street performer which is cool to look at. I heard many idols come from street performance. If you like any Kpop thingy, you must visit Hongdae. But sorry guys.. I don’t have a picture for this haha…

Naejangsan, A Good Place to Chill and See Maple Leaves Everywhere

naejangsan korea

Naejangsan is one most hunted place especially in Autumn season. This is mountain located on the border of North Jeolla and South Jeolla provinces in southwestern South Korea, approximately three hours drive south of Seoul. It has an elevation of 763 m (Wikipedia). Many maples here wohooo…. Also you can find many street food sold here.. I like burnt cheese original from Korea. You must try too!

Prepare yourself with comfortable shoes and 

Haneul Park!

Haneul Park is a place that makes you feel in Korean Drama. The scenery, the vibes, the smell, even the sky were unbelievable. So freakin’ beautiful in Autumn. I can’t stop to take picture here…. But sad, many people taking selfies here, cause many spots and flowers are broken. 🙁

Tteokpoki Yummy!

One of the main reason I went to Korea is I am a Tteokpoki lovers.. So I am curious how is it like if I try some Tteokpoki there. Will be the same or different?? And then yes…. It is sooooo different and yummy and tasty… OMG I won’t forget the taste. I suggest to eat Tteokpoki which sells inside a store, not on the street one. I quite disapointing when I bought some Tteokpoki on the street.. The price I admit cheaper ya comparing to Tteokpoki in the store, but price never lies ya hahaha… This is the picture.. looks so yummy isn’t it? I bought it in Dongdaemun area based on Ria SW youtube.


Hangang River~ Popular Korean Drama Setting

hangang river

Hangang river is a must visit place when you come to Korea. This place also is one of the most popular river for Korean Drama setting, if you watch Start up, this drama also choose their place as their background.

In Autumn, this place is so windy with chilling vibes. I suggest you to always wear your jacket even tho the sky is so bright and sunny. There is a mini market like Indomaret lol… to buy ramyun and hot choco to complete your day while sitting on a bench and enjoying the moment at Hangang River,.

I had funny moments when I visited Hangang River. The cashier at mini market look at me carefully when I paid my stuff at the cashier. She is an ahjumma, this ahjumma probably rarely found someone wore a hijab or may be my face was so funny so she so interested at me, and I also looked at her and after we look each other, she decided to help me to cook ramyun at the automate machine (I never asked her to help me because my Korean language is not fluent lol). I dunno why she helped, but may be she felt I can’t use the machine and this is my first time wkwk… Even tho her face not so friendly (she made me scared), actually she cares. She taught me how to use the machine (I don’t understand every single thing what she explained lol.. cz she speaks Korean hahaha….). But glad, my ramyun cooks so well… and so tasty. It was perfect to eat ramyun and hot choco while enjoying the scenery… Ahhh…. so peace…..


Jeng… jeng… in this part, I wanna share to you guys in case you need the itinerary of my trip and cost details. You can easily see here.

jadwal korea

Yeap… that’s all from me.. I hope you enjoy my articles about my trip at Korea..

Jeonju Hanok Village
Coffee shop Jeonju
Coffee shop Jeonju
Coffee shop Jeonju

I wish this pandemi will end soon, so I can visit Korea again and meet Nam Joo Hyuk wkwk… And I wish if you can go too. We can travel together! Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to share~~

Mural village Jeonju

Secret Garden Shooting Place

If there is anything to ask about this trip, feel free to leave any comments below. See ya!

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