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I am a product manager who has a hobby of writing and traveling. I like to share stories that I experienced and are helpful to people who read this blog. I have four main categories, the first two categories are about my profession, and the last two are about my hobbies. By the way, this is a bilingual blog, written in Indonesian and English. Please enjoy my blog ^^


2+ years experienced Product Managers well versed with ll facets of product development and management, including design, development, and launch. Possesses in depth experience of complex customer needs into requirements to deliver features that provide competitive uniqueness to the product. Adapt at understanding product requirements from a technology well as business point of view. Specialized on Saas, as well as B2C products.

Skills & Softwares

My peculiar skills regarding product management iwithin the scope such as feature specification, product delivery, product quality assurance, user experience design, customer research, competitive research, stakeholder management, wireframing, prototyping, Figma, JIRA, Notion, SaaS, Product Lifecycle Management, and Whimsical documentation.

Product Portfolio

Hi, this is my portfolio 😊
revamp mobile app

Product Management Story

Anything about my experiences as a product manager

Play with FigJam, A Fun Way for Brainstorming

As a product managers, we need to always communicate to many stakeholders in our daily basis. Especially in current condition, […]

Pentingnya Kemampuan Menulis untuk Product Manager

Hari ini aku ingin membicarakan tentang sebuah kemampuan dasar yang wajib dimiliki oleh seorang product manager atau manager apapun itu, […]

Building Omnichannel Product to Help Customer Services

We know exactly that becoming a customer service is not easy, some of them may be facing a struggle to […]


UX/UI Case Study: Revamp Breeze App and Dashboard – Cashier Management Platform

Client Name: Breeze Platform: Application and Website Dashboard Introduction Breeze App is an app to help cashier to manage daily income […]

Sharing is Caring

Sharing about life~
operasi lasik mata

Pengalaman Operasi LASIK untuk Pertama Kalinya. Part 2

Saatnya Operasi LASIK Nah, tiba nih giliran operasi. Jujur gue excited sekaligus takut. banyak pikiran-pikiran negatif yang muncul, kayak pikiran “kalo […]

operasi lasik mata jakarta

Pengalaman Operasi LASIK untuk Pertama Kalinya. Rasanya Deg-degan! Part 1

Wah gak kerasa ya sudah memasuki bulan Ramadan lagi.. Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa bagi yang menjalankan, semoga ibadahnya dilancarkan dan […]

mentor adplist

Find the Best Mentor in ADPList, a Review

Shifting a career can be difficult but challenging at the same time, especially when you don’t have any colleagues or […]

Traveling & Foodies Stories

Flexing about traveling and food! 😎
kuliner murah jakarta

Kuliner Jakarta: Pan&Co, Fluffy, Lembut, Mengenyangkan!

Jakarta selain punya berbagai gedung tinggi yang berkialaun kala malam, Ibu kota juga punya banayk macam kuliner. Mulai dari yang […]


Berakhir Pekan Santai di Weekend.ers Bogor

Libur panjang lebaran sudah memasuki hari terakhirnya, tidak terasa libur dari tanggal 12 Mei 2021 yang lalu sudah sleesai di […]

Backpacker Korea, Tips, Itinerary and Costs Part 2

Hey guys… Do you watch an on going Korean Drama titled “Start Up”? Currently, I’m watching this drama and I […]


Content Marketing Portfolio

My porto at content industry~

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